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Idaho’s dairy farm families contribute to the dairy checkoff to help build demand for products. United Dairymen of Idaho (UDI) takes this responsibility to manage dairy producer dollars efficiently and effectively seriously. The following information represents the programs implemented in Idaho on behalf of Idaho's dairy farm families.

UDI Idaho Dairy Farm Family Scholarship Program
Fuel Up to Play 60
Telling Your Story
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UDI Idaho Dairy Farm Family Scholarship Program
Idaho’s dairy farm families are known for their dedication to Idaho youth and educational programs. This has been demonstrated through the continual funding of programs through the Idaho Dairy Products Commission and the Idaho Dairymen’s Association.


In 2011, the United Dairymen of Idaho Board of Directors approved funding for the Idaho Dairy Family Scholarship Program, which provides academic scholarships exclusively for Idaho dairy farm families. Each year United Dairymen of Idaho will award fifteen (15) $1,500 scholarships. In addition, the Bill & Charlotte Stouder Memorial Scholarship will be presented to the highest scoring scholarship applicant each year in memory of Bill and Charlotte Stouder, as a tribute to their dedication to Idaho’s dairy industry. One (1) scholarship will be awarded in the amount of $2500. 

Applicants must be an immediate family member of the registered owner of the dairy operation to qualify for the scholarship. Individuals who have graduated from high school and those who are currently enrolled at a post high school institution qualify to apply.


Consideration will be given to students entering a technical program, two (2) year degree program, a four (4) year degree program or graduate level work. 

    The applicant’s major does not need to be dairy or agriculture related. 


    Click here to download the 2014 UDI Dairy Family Scholarship Application. Deadline for submitting the application is March 14, 2014.

    Please feel free to contact Cheri Chase with any questions by calling 208-332-1645 or email

    Congratulations to the 2013 Scholarship Recipients

    Mitchell Craig Searle – Recipient of the Bill & Charlotte Stouder Scholarship        

    Caitlyn Beckstead                   Katrina Callister         

    Heidi Funk                             Cheyenne Hubert       

    Fallon Machado                      Tyce Pearson  

    Amanda Reynolds                   Cassidy Rueth 

    Haley Troost                          Michael Wiersma      

    Michelle Huttema                    Rebecca Lampman    

    Kilee Lehman                         Haley Peterson           

    Sara Roeloffs


    Fuel Up To Play 60


    This school year classroom chatter isn’t just about reading, writing and back-to-school fashion, but “what’s for breakfast?” and “how long until recess?” Providing healthy solutions to these questions is the driving force behind Fuel Up to Play 60. The program – founded by the National Dairy Council and the National Football League, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Agriculture – is partnering with students to lead their generation into a healthier tomorrow by eating smart and staying active. Inspired by and created with youth, new data shows Fuel Up to Play 60 is empowering students to make America’s schools healthier.

    In addition to more than 11 million students involved in the program, specific Idaho data includes:
    • In terms of access to physical activity and healthy foods, 83% of enrolled Idaho educators believe the program is increasing opportunities for students to be physically active at school (up from 56% in 2011) and 68% feel it is increasing access to healthy foods on campus (up from 41% in 2011).
    • In terms of youth behavioral changes, 76% of enrolled Idaho educators think the program is helping students make healthier food choices (up from 58% in 2011) and 84% say it is helping increase the amount of time students are physically active at school (up from 54% in 2011).
    • In terms of the program’s overall impact on the school, 86% of enrolled Idaho educators believe that it positively influences their school environment (up from 59% in 2011) and 89% say it helps them achieve their school wellness goals (up from 51% in 2011).
    • More than four-in-five enrolled Idaho educators also feel the program provides students with a valuable opportunity to work with adults and other students to make positive changes in the school environment and engages school administration and staff in helping to create a healthier school environment (85% -- up from 50% in 2011 -- and 78%, respectively).


    • The program serves nearly 73,000 enrolled schools reaching approximately 38 million students across the country.  
    • Sixty-nine percent of enrolled educators believe the program is positively influencing their school environment and sixty-five percent say it helps them achieve their school wellness goals.
    • Seventy percent of enrolled educators believe the program is helping students make healthier food choices and sixty-two percent say it is helping increase the amount of time students are physically active at school.
    • Overall, on average, youth involvement is 70 percent higher in schools that also receive Fuel Up to Play 60 grants.
    • More than 26,000 adult advisors support students in their effort, which is an increase of more than 30 percent from last year.

    In partnership with committed adult stakeholders, youth leaders help students implement changes in their school environments. Yogurt and fruit smoothie blenders have increased school breakfast participation at many Idaho Fuel Up to Play 60 schools. The addition of the blenders has added a new menu item that is healthy and that students find appealing. Some Idaho schools have doubled or even tripled the number of breakfasts served with addition of the blenders. Funding for the blenders was provided through the Fuel Up to Play 60 program.

    The Value of Telling Your Story

    UDI and dairy checkoff organizations across the U.S. have launched the new producer image training program, "Telling Your Story." The program offers producers training in public relations, presentations and media interviews. Through the training, producers learn techniques to communicate with their neighbors and communities, and receive materials and assistance to communicate with the public about on-farm issues such as animal care, the environment, and milk quality and safety.

    Your dairy promotion investment works to help protect and promote dairy's image. This includes offering dairy producer training and support materials, reaching the public through and monitoring issues and responding to media and consumer requests around-the-clock, and providing an issues-based website for dairy producers at

    There's an old saying you may have heard before..."good fences make good neighbors." While that might have been true 50 years ago, today — with less than 2 percent of the U.S. population involved in agriculture — dairy producers must be more proactive in building good relationships with their neighbors.

    United Dairymen of Idaho recognizes the importance of building relationships with your neighbors and community members. Contact Cheri Chase at or 208-332-1645 to schedule a TYS training for your dairy.

    Contact Us

    If you have questions about the United Dairymen of Idaho checkoff program, please contact: Karianne Fallow, CEO at or call 208-332-1640 or Cheri Chase, Communications Director at or call 208-332-1645